Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27th.

Q: What were Princess Diana's favourite drugs?
A: Speed and Smack.

Here is what was played on the 27th.

Bevis Frond - Lights are Changing

New Creation - Songs to Sing

Michael Yonkers Band - Kill the Enemy

Henry Flynt and the Insurrections - Uncle Sam Do

Red Krayola - Transparent Radiation

Phantom Payn Days - Paradox Box

Tommy Jay - Last Hurrah

Mike Rep and the Quotas - Out

Mike Rep and the Quotas - This Island Earth

Simply Saucer - Bullet-Proof Nothing

Parasites of the Western World - Flying

Tonetta - Still a Slave

Mark Alexander McIntyre - My April

Erica Pomerance - French Revolution

Broselmaschine - Gedanken

Flipper - Life is Cheap

C.O.B. - Spirit of Love

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